The last book of the Bible is a Revelation. It goes beyond the other biblical letters and prophecies in its astonishing complexity, beauty, and challenge. There be dragons and beasts, angels and demons, fire and plagues, thrones and martyrs, devastation and the tree of life; along with a great deal of singing. It is a multisensory, cosmic narrative vision, which is perhaps the best way to communicate what is ultimate. God stands before, after, and in the midst of all things, and that is why the letter trenchantly stands against every human attempt to mask and domesticate evil.

The book is God’s Revelation of the incomparable Jesus Christ, to churches facing the dual and related dangers of persecution and spiritual lethargy. With the Apostle John, we are taken up into heaven to see what we cannot see: the Lion who is the Lamb, who alone is worthy to bring God’s plan to fulfillment. The Lamb stands among his churches that endure as beacons of light, bearing witness to the truth that the way of victory is the way of sacrifice.

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