Jesus preached to great crowds of thousands. Yet so much of the accounts of his life show Jesus going out of his way to meet individuals. Insiders, outsiders, wealthy, poor, respected, and hated, every single person who met Jesus was deeply affected.

Jesus words and actions in these interviews are as varied as the people he met. Unaffected by a person’s privilege, position or power—Jesus always went to the heart of what that person needed. He answers questions that were not asked; he is patient and penetrating, diving below what is superficial and trivial to what is personally significant and eternal. Those who met Jesus found his words not intellectually difficult but radically spiritually challenging, since meeting him always leads to profound change. Above all he reveals himself to be the Son of God who has come to bring us to God through his death and resurrection.

These accounts are God’s way for us to meet Jesus today. In this series, we will explore these intriguing encounters.

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